Available Services

  •  Individual Consultations
  •  Group Workshops
  •  Corporate Health & Wellbeing
  •  Consultancy
  •  Media
  •  Food Demonstrations

Individual consultations can be booked at several private clinics across London. In some circumstances a home visit can be arranged or, if appropriate, a visit to your place of work.

Initial consultations last one-hour, usually some information will be obtained from you beforehand including a food diary and other relevant information.A detailed nutritional assessment is made taking into account own individual circumstances. A tailored nutritonal plan and goals are agreed and sent to you within 24 hours of us meeting.

Follow up appointments may be helpful. Depending upon your treatment these can also be booked in 30-45 minute slots and occasionally a telephone or Skype consultation can be conducted.

I offer several services as group workshops for 6 or more people. These include a six-week weight management programme, weaning workshops, picky eaters workshop, women's nutrition and Cook & Eat sessions for children/young adults.

Please contact me for further information on group workshops.

The importance of workplace health is now recognised as being hugely improtant and of benefit to everybody within an organisation. I offer workhops and seminars tailored to your industry, company health and wellbeing days and individual mini-health checks. For larger organisations I can also offer a healthy eating stand with optional individual consultations.

We offer a range of fitness testing services such as body composition analysis, cholesterol testing, blood glucose and health workshops.

I work with restaurants, food manufaturers and non-profit organisations. Recipe analysis, product development, help with food labelling and food modification are just a few of the services I can offer your business or organisation.

I am available for print articles, radio and television interviews. Please contact me for further information.

Whether you are looking to showcase your food product, promote healthy eating or simply add some excitement to a company conference or meeting, I am available to provide fun and interactive food demonstrations to groups of any size.


Your London Nutritionist provides nutrition services and consultancy to individuals, groups and corporate clients. I also work with charities, non-profit organisations, the food industry and the media. Practical, evidence-based advice is given using a holistic approach to help you achieve your nutrition goals.